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About us

Liam Petters, Amar Navi, and George Gupta founded Lost Found Center Services in 2020 after experiencing firsthand the difficulties of trying to locate lost luggage. While flying from Austin to a tech conference in San Francisco, the friends lost a laptop bag that contained invaluable personal items. They found it nearly impossible to get in touch with lost and found departments and it took numerous phone calls and tens of hours over an entire week just to finally speak with someone about the situation.

After attempting to find assistance online, they discovered that their own unfortunate experience was not uncommon. This prompted them to investigate why the process of dealing with lost luggage and the support offered to travelers was so poor. They aimed to develop processes and systems that could improve the experience for both companies and customers facing such issues.

Niket states that "The goal was to minimize the frustrations experienced by both sides as much as possible".

After a lot of work and help from friends and various travel industry personnel Lost Found Center Services was launched from Miami FL in 2020.

Our mission

At Lost Found Center Services, we are dedicated to assisting travelers in recovering lost items and providing an easy-to-use communication tool for both individuals and travel industry personnel to increase the chances of recovering lost personal items.


Our work culture

In 2021, we left the office and became a remote company. The main idea was to let every team member live where they were the happiest and to not have to wait until retirement to achieve that.

This also allowed us to focus, and work more quickly and efficiently to expand our network of Gig economy contractors who work across the country. 

Our values

User first
At LFC, we prioritize our users' needs and strive to stay in touch with their preferences in order to continually improve our service.

Human touch
We believe that every user's question or comment deserves personal attention and is handled one at a time.

Humility and Responsibility
We take full responsibility for any issues that may arise and work to resolve them as quickly as possible, while also being open and honest about our strengths and weaknesses.

We value time and aim to create processes, solutions, and tools that save users time in their daily lives.

Enjoy Life
We see our work at LFC as a means to bring joy and happiness to our team, families, friends, and users. That's why we don't work on weekends or national holidays.

Help as much as possible
We also offer special plans for our Gig-partners, including janitors, ticketing agents, baggage handlers, and other travel service personnel who help make our service possible, as a way of giving back and helping as much as we can.



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