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After you file a claim, your claim will be entered into our database. Our concierge agents will open an investigation and notify relevant personnel to start a search for your item. It includes regular communication and updates with relevant locations to ensure your claim is prioritized.

Paid case investigations are started immediately upon filing the report and you will be notified within 24 hrs. regarding the status of your claim. As we attempt to locate your lost property, we will keep your report open for 30 days.

We will call you and you may also track your case status directly through our website via the case status link using the information sent to your email address. Throughout the search for your lost item, regular email updates will be provided to keep you informed.

Should an item match the description you provided, we will reach out to you via phone or email to confirm ownership and coordinate instructions and links for shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: Our fees do not include shipping and shipping fees must be paid separately.

Procedures vary, but generally, we will provide you with a copy of a written authorization or have the person collecting the item present identification along with a description matching the lost item.

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Lost Found Center (LFC) is not connected to any airlines, airports, theme parks, resorts, timeshares, vacation rentals, ride share companies, taxis, rental car companies, transit systems, cruise lines or other locations where a user may have lost an item. LFC is not a lost and found department and does not hold lost items. Instead, we offer services to help users file a lost item claim and communicate with relevant lost and found departments and custodians in an effort to recover their lost items.

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Due to limited resources, live chat is limited to active claims only. Please file a claim to access and communicate with one of out 24/7 live support agents via chat.