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LFC Airport Services

Frequently asked questions

How can we reach your support team?

Our agents can be reached by phone, email, or chat Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm EST using the information found via our contacts page.

What are the benefits of using LFC Airport Services?

We offer a one-stop reporting and search solution for many back-office lost-and-found systems used at major Airports making it super easy to communicate with multiple entities.

Can I just do this on my own or by myself?

Yes! you definitely can, but with our AI analytic software, we can instantly notify ALL possible entities and consistently follow up to ensure the highest likely chances of getting your lost items back. With us you won't get bounced around to different departments, put on hold indefinitely, or otherwise ghosted.

What happens after I file a claim?

Once filed, our Found Tracer AI analytic software gets to work analyzing to file your claim and broadcasting it to the proper lost and found departments. Since quite a few places do not have an online system, Found Tracer AI will alert our customer care agents to handle the claim manually.

I have yet to receive a response, what is going on?

Kindly review your SPAM or JUNK folder and confirm the accuracy of the email address provided in your Lost Item Report to ensure we have the correct information. After doing so, please reach out via chat, phone or email.

Will updates be provided on the status of my lost item search?

Upon filing a report for your lost item, you'll receive an email from Lost Found Center. Should an item match your description, we will help coordinate an easy retrieval process.. Throughout the search for your lost item, regular email updates will be provided to keep you informed of the process.

How long will it take to search for my lost item?

A thorough search is conducted for about 30 days after we receive your Lost Item Report. In the event we are unable to find your item, you will receive an email informing you we are unable to locate your item.

How will I be notified if my item is found?

Should an item match the description you provided, Lost Found Center will reach out to you via email to confirm ownership and coordinate shipping arrangements along with a link to process shipping payment.

I do not have an email address, how will I be contacted?

If you do not have an email address we will text, message or call you if your item has been located.

My item is important. Is there someone I can contact to do a more extensive search?

We know every lost item is important to you. We take each report very seriously and do our best to find your belongings with thorough searches.

I lost my electronic device and had a data plan. Should I disable/turn it off?

Yes. While we're searching for your item, it's important to deactivate any associated data plans right away for your safety. We recommend keeping call service active on phones for one week to help in our search and verification process.

What happens to items that are not claimed?

Unclaimed items may be held for a specific period and then donated, auctioned, or disposed of according to the airport or airline's policies.

What can I do to increase the chance of locating my item?

Please describe your lost item the best that you can on the Lost Item Report Form. If possible, write about the item(s) that distinctively identifies you as the owner prior to completing the form to help in our search. Please enter the information just as it appears on the item. Also, be sure to include any image you can find on the internet. Additionally, the flight date and flight number referencing when your item(s) were lost. Reports filed immediately increases the chance of a successful recovery.

Can someone else collect my found item on my behalf?

Procedures vary, but generally, you may need to provide written authorization or have the person collecting the item present identification along with a description matching the lost item.

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